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Superior quality, German engineered!

Modernity, timeless elegance and a holistic perception of design and architecture shape the brand LEICHT, causing a stir for over 80 years in the premium kitchen industry. The expert interaction of all components; and the brilliant combination of material, colour, architecture and light, bring our kitchens to life.

From the outset, we have created fitted kitchens with design and function-oriented product innovations in our very own Interior Design Studio. We develop exclusive kitchens oriented to the market and to our customers’ desires. Surpassing expectations LEICHT kitchens offers no limits to individual kitchen planning.

Modern Style

Always current, always relevant – an ingenious combination of colours and materials together with a sense of the natural define the sophisticated expression of a modern style LEICHT kitchen.

Traditional Style

Timeless kitchens that utilise classic, traditional elements based on the principle of modern kitchen planning to meet the highest demands of today’s technology and function.

Cutting Edge Innovation


Simple, Individual and Variable

You can design the interiors of drawers and pull-outs simply, individually and variably with the L-BOX interior design system.

The base of drawers and pull-outs offers an easy-care anti-slip surface in the form of a carbon grey mat. Naturally lacquered oak dividers, knife blocks and boxes of different sizes are positioned on the mat to suit individual requirements. This results in a varied interplay of wood and the neutral grey of the base. The free space on the anti-slip mat offers additional storage spaces.


The new interior frame system L3 pure glass

Straightforward with tight edge radii, featuring a reduced amount of metal with a high proportion of glass, the new frame reflects the modern aesthetics of a LEICHT kitchen. The sides of the pull-outs feature large expanses of top-quality labelled clear glass that ensures maximum transparency allowing you to see exactly what’s inside.


Decorative niche designs

For new, purely decorative niche designs, LEICHT has incorporated graphic motifs for printing on glass rear niche panels from the 2016 range. To increase the decorative The L3 interior frame system used by LEICHT is the only one worldwide that offers the advantages of a double-walled frame – namely, clean movement and high payload without dropping – and at the same time is not visible, as if it was underneath the surface.

effect within a room, the prints are also available with LED back lighting.

The light is shed evenly over the entire area and can be activated and dimmed with an integrated touch sensor. There are six motifs from natural, graphic and urban environments to choose from; these are available up to a maximum of 250 x 70 cm.


Stands on the worktop

The new niche shelving is an extension module, 1.6 cm thick, which stands on the worktop. The basic unit is customized and given an individual touch with interspersed shelves and backs.

A 9-section divider made of criss-crossed aluminium is the perfect way of further dividing the practical niche shelving attractively. Available in melamine, wood and lacquer, for example, the flexible installation depth between 15 and 30 cm offers kitchen planners a number of design options for the niche area.

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